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Planning Your Proposal Photography

How to capture this incredible moment?

No matter how long you spend planning the perfect proposal, the moment will come and go in a flash. I have spent years developing the ability to secretly document these emotional moments on camera. Perfectly positioned, I will candidly capture your partner's surprise as you propose. I will, eventually,
come out of hiding and join you both to take photos of the immediate aftermath, assuring the best proposal images during and after you pop the "big question."

Remember, I'm here to assist you in the planning.

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Don't know where to start? No problem. I work with plenty of businesses in the valley, so I can refer you to some of the most incredible locations I have scouted out. If you have a specific plan in mind, we can go over the details to make sure we can make it happen. I will work with you through phone conversations, email and text to ensure your unique vision for this day becomes a reality!

My best advice for anyone is to take your time planning — the earlier you start, the better — so you can thoroughly enjoy the moment. As your proposal photographer, I can help you do just that. On the day, I remain inconspicuous and will document your emotions as they naturally unfold. And you will enjoy it
even more, knowing I am discreetly recording it for you to share long after the moment ends.

Contact Christophe today for more information.

proposal pictures in Napa
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